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Based at the foot of the South Downs just outside of Eastbourne, we are a school that prides itself on our excellent reputation and school diversity. We believe in working together as a school community to achieve the best results. Both our pupils and staff are encouraged and inspired to achieve their best potential.


We endeavour to provide an enjoyable, enriched educational experience that is both meaningful and relevant to every child and to develop personal qualities that provide a sound foundation for the future. All those concerned with the school share these beliefs.


Take your time to look around our school website. You will find both information about our school and extra curricular activities, alongside copies of important documents and other information you or your child may need throughout the school year.


Willingdon Primary presents our...... Lockdown Celebration Wall!

Title banner Capture


This week in EYFS, we have been discussing sharing and Oakley shared a brilliant piece of writing explaining how sharing is caring!

EYFS Inkpen -Image (3)

We have been on a trip Under the Sea and Ralph created his very own sea monster. How amazing! 

smileyMiss Payne, EYFS Teacher

EYFS Inkpen - Image (4)

Amber (Carle Class) has completed daily tasks each day since being at home. She has produced some amazing writing and creative tasks. Her smile is evident in each and every photo we have seen. 

Very well done Amber!

0Carle 3

Louis has also bring lots of work at home and each week we enjoy an update on Tapestry. He has shown a love of numbers and also perfected the art of riding a bike without stabilisers! Well done Louis.

0Carle 2

Darcey has been practising her writing and key words at home and has also been a keen gardener, growing and caring for her sunflowers. She has also learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. Well done Darcey!

0Carle 4

Archie has continued to enjoy learning about space and created his own alien! He has also been reading lots at home. Well done Archie! 

0Carle 5

Year 1

Well done Mila K (Rosen Class) for trying so hard at home this week with her numbers and her phonics.

smileyMrs Hadley, Year 1 Teacher


Well done to Poppy (Donaldson Class) for her fabulous story writing! Lovely hand writing too.

1 Donaldson - Poppy B writing

Well done Jake for working hard with his symmetry work at home. He did Maths work and some extra patterns.  Well done Jake.

smileyMrs Hill, Year 1 Teacher

1 Donaldson - Symmetry work.Jake H

Year 2

Jack has been working really hard at home on his writing. He is remembering his finger spaces and has started to self correct in his work. Jack wrote a letter to me remembering carefully about how we layout letters. Well done Jack!  

smileyMiss Watkins, Year 2 Teacher

2Browne - Jack E

This week, our Agents have continued to create the disguises. Agent Salty Sausage has been creating his disguise using a collage technique. Great job Agent!

yesMiss Mortland, Year 2 Teacher

2Milne wk1 Capture2(1)


An amazing newspaper creation from Josh B for VE Day! yes

2Milne - trotter(1)

Year 3

Tom found a fox skull out on a walk! He took it home, and cleaned it, then did lots of research about it. Last week in Dahl class we were being journalists and Tom decided to write his article about his unusual and fascinating find. He interviewed his family about it too, and include a quote from his Dad in the article.

smileyMiss Brooks, Year 3 Teacher

This week in Lewis class and the last week of our topic Hopes and Dreams, we have been chefs. Part of our Design and Technology activity was to help or cook a meal for our families. Ralph did an amazing job cooking Frittata Egg Muffins and he even wrote a review. Well done Chef Ralph!

3Lewis 1



On Tuesday 19 May 2020 I cooked dinner with help from my parents. I made frittata egg muffins. I had never made dinner before.

The ingredients I used for my frittata egg muffins were eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, bacon and grated cheese. I had to chop all the ingredients apart from the eggs which I had to crack and mix up and the cheese which I had to grate. The mixture was then divided into a muffin tray and then was cooked in the oven for about 25 minutes.

Unfortunately, I was not very keen on them because I didn’t like the egg taste, but I really liked the bacon in them. My parents loved them. My mum didn’t have bacon in hers because she is a vegetarian.

Hallie in Lewis class made Mincy Nachos, her dish of the week for her family and she reviewed her meal too. Her meal looks amazing and I am sure it was delicious! A future career as a chef maybe Hallie

smileyMrs Turner, Year 3 Teacher

3lewis 2

Year 4

Well done Alfie (King-Smith Class) who has written a piece of persuasive writing in geography. I chose it because Alfie did such a good job of persuading me to live in a small town, rather than a big city. Well done Alfie!

4 KS Alfie

This autobiography from Mia (King-Smith Class) made everyone smile and really impressed me because:

  • It includes everything that I would expect to see in an autobiography
  • I can tell that she has put lots of time and effort into completing it
  • I loved all of the photos that she added to her piece of work
  • It has helped me (as have all of the autobiographies I have received) to get to know her

Please see below a piece of work from Gabriel (King-Smith Class). I have chosen this piece of work because Gabriel has really thought about how the main character would have felt in the story and has demonstrated this while writing in role as her. Well done Gabriel 🙂

Mrs Dallaway, Year 4 Teacher

4 KS -

Dexter (Seuss Class) has written an account of Annie Edson Taylor going over Niagara Falls in a barrel from the point of view of Annie; he makes you feel that you ARE Annie just about to go over the edge!

4Seuss - Dexter Annie writing

Well done Willow! A stunning piece of writing; her BEST piece this year. It shows many grammar skills and it is entertaining, informative and really makes the reader feel the events from the character's point of view. outstanding.

yesMr Bardot, Year 4 Teacher

4Hughes - Will correct14Hughes - will6 (1)correct

Year 5

Year 5 have been creating a non-chronological report for a deadly animal that lives in The Amazon Rainforest. Hayley S created a fantastic report included an innovative flap design. Keep up the great work Hayley S!

yesMr Hill, Year 5 Teacher

5Kipling - wk2

Gracie has worked really hard on this plastic pollution poster to highlight the dangers of single use plastics for the Oceans and marine life. She has worked hard to collect facts and create a poster which is eye catching and effective.

5 Morpurgo - plasticpollution Gracie Brain

Katie has used her fantastic art skills to produce an under the sea picture as part of our Blue planet topic. Katie has worked really hard on all work set on the VLE and this is just one example of her hard work.

yesMrs Caley, Year 5 Teacher

5 Morpurgo art

Year 6

I was very impressed to receive this email from Lizzie, in my class, as an example of a model pupil when it comes to completing all home learning set, communicating this to me, making advances in her learning and getting out and about to. I could not ask any more of any pupil! 

'Dear Mr T, I've just got back from a 6 mile walk to Wilmington and thought I'd better let you know what I've been up to this week.  I have done all the work set and uploaded my report to my work.  Jimbo is marking my Maths sheets but I can't wait all night for him to finish but I've done them all and I also did some my maths lessons on the bits I didn't understand about internal and external angles and I am an expert now!!

Spellings 10/12

CGP English Pages 16, 17, 18, 22, 23

CGP Maths Pages 59, 60,61,66,67

1 hour of reading

Joe Wicks 4 mornings, 2 hours of dance and bike rides / dog walks.  I'm exhausted!

I also made some Cherry flapjacks and some face masks for Nanny and Grandad. I am making lemon drizzle cupcakes tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, Lizzie'

yesMr Tabone, Year 6 Teacher

Well done Lily (Rowling Class) For being extremely commited to completing the work set during lockdown and making sure that it is completed with great quality as well. This report on Taylor Swift was particularly effective and utilised all of the features required.

yesMr Henderson, Year 6 Teacher

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BBT poster-flyerbrain cakes

Thank you to everyone who supported the Big Bake Sale on Monday 9th March in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity. You helped raise an amazing £230 to increase awareness and fund vital research.

Joanne McKeown (INA) in Carle Class.

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