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School Term Dates

TERM DATES 2020/21


TERM 1 2020

INSET DAY          Thursday 3rd September

INSET DAY          Friday 4th September

INSET DAY          Friday 2nd October

Term Dates        Monday 7th September to Friday 23rd October


TERM 2 2020

Term Dates        Monday 2nd November to Thursday 17th December

INSET DAYS        Friday 18th December


TERM 3 2021

Term Dates        Monday 4th January to Thursday 11th February

INSET DAY          Friday 12th February


TERM 4 2021        

Term Dates        Monday 22nd February to Thursday 1st April


TERM 5 2021        

Term Dates        Monday 19th April to Friday 28th May

BANK HOLIDAY    Monday 3rd May


TERM 6 2021        

Term Dates        Monday 7th June to Friday 23rd July


East Sussex County Council Official Term Calendars

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