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Statement of Intent

Be kind and respectful – In music, we are kind and respectful when listening to our peers and visitors’ musical performances.

Take care – In music, we take care of ourselves and others by looking after our singing voices and school musical equipment.

Be responsible – In music, we are responsible for creating, selecting and combining high-quality sounds in order to compose highquality composition and improvisations.

Challenge myself – In music, we challenge ourselves by learning how to sing and play new musical instruments with increasing accuracy, expression, confidence and control.

Be reflective – In music, we are reflective by assessing ours and others musical performances and compositions.

Imagine – In music, we are imaginative by composing music of different historical periods, genres, styles and traditions using music notation, improvisation, singing, instrumentation and music technology.

At Willingdon Primary School, our aim is to teach music through a collaborative approach that includes all. We aim to promote, in all our pupils from EYFS to Year 6, an appreciation and enjoyment of music in its many styles, forms and traditions. Children are encouraged to experiment and improvise through sound, analyse music of other cultures and evaluate their musical experiences using the inter-related dimensions of music. Furthermore, high-quality music lessons are delivered using a combination of prior knowledge, key concepts from the National Curriculum, Charanga resources and the expertise of music specialists from Create Music. In addition, visiting peripatetic music teachers offer individual and group music lessons, which cover the four musical instrument families. Instrumental lessons on offer include:

Violin (String) – Elizabeth Bux - elizabeth.bux@brightondome.org
Saxophone (Woodwind) – Max Hale - learn@maxhalemusic.com
Trumpet (Brass) – Marcus Plant - marcus.plant@brightondome.org
Drumkit (Percussion) – Grant Allardyce - grant.allardyce@brightondome.org

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As part of our extra-curricular and cultural capital aims, our pupils can join a number of musical ensembles including: Willingdon School Choir, Samba Club and Musical Theatre Club – to name a few.  A clear passion for music is evident across our school, therefore all children are given the opportunity to perform in external and internal music concerts throughout the year to showcase what they have learnt in the classroom.

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