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PSHE - Personal, Social, Health Education

Statement of Intent

Be kind and respectful – Our children will learn to be kind to others, resolve conflict and respect those who are different to ourselves. They will learn empathy and skills to form and maintain good relationships.

Take care – Our children will lead healthy, safe and balanced lives, learn to look after their mental and physical wellbeing, grow in confidence and become independent in their decisions.

Be responsible – Our children will learn how to make good choices, and to think about the consequences of the choices they make. They will care for our environment and our school, and wider, community.

Challenge myself – Our children will challenge their own, and society’s assumptions, and stereotypes. They will challenge their own opinions and those of others through respectful and critical debate and discussion.

Be reflective – Our children reflect on their values, beliefs and what makes them individual. Our children will value those qualities and talents that make them unique, and value those qualities in others too. They will reflect on the progress they have made, and set goals for the future.

Imagine – Our children will be able to imagine what a better world would look like. They will be creative and enterprising. Our children will be ambitious, making positive learning and career choices.

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