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Religious Education

Statement of Intent

Imagine- we are curious about and interested in the range of cultures and religions found in the UK society and internationally. We use empathy to imagine how others feel about their lives, beliefs and opinions.
Be Kind and Respectful- using empathy encourages us to be sensitive towards, and respect, the feelings, opinions and beliefs of others.
Challenge Myself- we tackle tasks that require us to justify, evaluate and analyse. Over the course of our time at Willingdon, we acquire a depth of knowledge about a range of leading world faiths and views.   

Be Responsible- we acknowledge the needs for rules and responsibilities in society and understand the values and positive actions that underpin our community.
Be Reflective- we reflect on the beliefs of leading world faiths and views, consider the extent to which we agree with these and reflect on how these have influenced our developing response to life’s big questions. We also reflect on the meaning of symbolism in artefacts, literature and the arts.
Take Care – we have confidence, freedom and a supportive environment to speak out our own beliefs and values in a considerate and positive way.

It will be noted that this creates a nurturing environment for a range of positive British and SMSC values.

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