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Willingdon Primary presents our...... Lockdown Celebration Wall!

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During the unprecdented period in 2020, when schools were closed to all but children of essential key workers, we were amazed by the work and enthusiasm our pupils (and their parents and carers) put into working from home.

This is a very small selection of work submitted through our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) during this challenging time. We are so proud of our pupils!   



In EYFS, we have been discussing sharing and Oakley shared a brilliant piece of writing explaining how sharing is caring!

EYFS Inkpen -Image (3)

We have been on a trip Under the Sea and Ralph created his very own sea monster. How amazing! 

smileyMiss Payne, EYFS Teacher

EYFS Inkpen - Image (4)

Darcey (Carle Class) has been practising her writing and key words at home and has also been a keen gardener, growing and caring for her sunflowers. She has also learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. Well done Darcey!

0Carle 4

Year 1

Well done Mila K (Rosen Class) for trying so hard at home this week with her numbers and her phonics.

smileyMrs Hadley, Year 1 Teacher


Lovely Goldilocks wanted poster by Ben A.

1donaldson - ben A

Great colourful clock Delilah made to go with learning the time this week in Year 1. 

smileyMrs Hill, Year 1 Teacher

1donaldson - delilah

Year 2

Jack has been working really hard at home on his writing. He is remembering his finger spaces and has started to self correct in his work. Jack wrote a letter to me remembering carefully about how we layout letters. Well done Jack!  

smileyBrowne Class, Year 2 

2Browne - Jack E

Isabella has worked on every challenge set whilst she has been at home and has produced work of outstanding quality! Her writing is thoughtful and creative and it is a joy to read! I am so proud and impressed with what she has achieved! Keep it up, my little superstar! 🙂

yesMilne Class, Year 2

2 Milne - Isabella P Work

Year 3

Evie, in Dahl class, learned about capacity practically by measuring different volumes of liquid.

3dahl - Evie Capacity (1)

Fabiana took her learning to the beach and did her maths in the sunshine!

smileyMiss Brooks, Year 3 Teacher

3dahl - Fabiana Learning at the Beach(1)

Lewis Class - Look at this fabulous piece of sea life artwork from Harrison in Lewis class. This week in school one of the topics we have looked at was the sea. Harrison experimented painting in water colours and using pointillism to create these two fantastic jelly fish. Well done Harrison!

smileyMrs Turner, Year 3 Teacher

3lewis 13lewis 2

Year 4

Sophie in King-Smith class - This piece of work wasn't even something that Sophie was asked to do but she was so enthused by her learning that she decided to extend her learning further and write this story.

Sophie has shown so much commitment and dedication to her work during lockdown and has always gone above and beyond - as shown once again by her beautiful work.

 🙂 Mrs Dallaway, Year 4 Teacher

4K-S Sophie story 14K-S Sophie story 24K-S Sophie story 3

Seuss Class - Elsa's work over lockdown has achieved a remarkable standard. We have loved watching the videos of practical tasks she has completed, her voice overs describing her learning and have been awed by the quality of her presentation. We sent out a worksheet with experiments and problems for Year 4 to investigate but Elsa doesn't just complete worksheets!! We received these gorgeously presented illustrations and this written information in return:

4Seuss - Elsa Science 16.7.20

Year 5

Last week the children in Kipling Class created newspaper reports. Well done to Layla for producing a wonderfully presented and written newspaper report! Keep up the great work! 

yesMr Hill, Year 5 Teacher

5kipling - Layla

This is a fantastic piece if Scientific investigation by Seren in year 5. She has been trying to work out how different materials have affected the speed of an object rolling down a slope, to make some predictions about friction and resistance. Seren has worked really Scientifically. Well done.

yesMrs Caley, Year 5 Teacher

Year 6

I was very impressed to receive this email from Lizzie, in my class, as an example of a model pupil when it comes to completing all home learning set, communicating this to me, making advances in her learning and getting out and about to. I could not ask any more of any pupil! 

'Dear Mr T, I've just got back from a 6 mile walk to Wilmington and thought I'd better let you know what I've been up to this week.  I have done all the work set and uploaded my report to my work.  Jimbo is marking my Maths sheets but I can't wait all night for him to finish but I've done them all and I also did some my maths lessons on the bits I didn't understand about internal and external angles and I am an expert now!!

Spellings 10/12

CGP English Pages 16, 17, 18, 22, 23

CGP Maths Pages 59, 60,61,66,67

1 hour of reading

Joe Wicks 4 mornings, 2 hours of dance and bike rides / dog walks.  I'm exhausted!

I also made some Cherry flapjacks and some face masks for Nanny and Grandad. I am making lemon drizzle cupcakes tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, Lizzie'

yesMr Tabone, Year 6 Teacher

Well done Lily (Rowling Class) For being extremely commited to completing the work set during lockdown and making sure that it is completed with great quality as well. This report on Taylor Swift was particularly effective and utilised all of the features required.

yesMr Henderson, Year 6 Teacher

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