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EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage

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EYFS Information

What is learning in Reception like? 

Learning in Reception at Willingdon is fun, imaginative, well planned, exciting and sparks the interests of all of our children! We base our ethos of learning in the EYFS on the following. 

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By the end of the Reception year, the children are assessed through teacher judgements using the Early Learning Goals (pages 11-15) in the Statutory Framework for the EYFS.

In Reception, we have 6 learning projects that we follow throughout the year. These projects are enriched by trips, visits and visitors to bring our learning to life! 

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We ensure that the children develop the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful learners through their learning through carefully thought-out play-based opportunities.  We use Development Matters to support the teaching and learning within Reception.  

The EYFS has three prime areas of learning

  • personal, social and emotional development; 
  • communication and language; 
  • physical development. 
    and four specific areas of learning
  • literacy; 
  • mathematics; 
  • expressive arts and design; 
  • understanding the world. 
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Creative Learning!


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Our learning Environment

We are very fortunate at Willingdon to have such amazing spaces to learn! Within the Reception environment, we have 2 classrooms, 1 shared learning space, an undercover and open outdoor area. These enabling environments are open at all times for the children to choose where they want to learn. Within each of these spaces, carefully planned and resourced activities are set up to ensure all children make progress across all areas of the EYFS curriculum.

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At Willingdon, we promote language, communication and reading through the use of quality texts. Below is a suggested section of books for children to read before they are 5.

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For specific information about subjects taught within the Reception Year, please follow the links on the Curriculum Tab above.

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