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Our Vision

Our vision is that all pupils have a solid and secure scientific knowledge, as well as vital practical skills in which to find answers based on their own curiosities. At Willingdon Primary School, we aim to create a community of inquisitive, self-motivated learners who have a passion for knowledge and a drive to learn more about the world around them.


Our Aims

We believe that all of our children are scientists and aim to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make their own discoveries. 

Within our pupils, we aim to develop:

  • the intellectual and practical skills which allow children to explore and investigate the world of Science;
  • a fuller understanding of Science through investigation of theories and procedures;
  • skills of enquiry and of handling information that are useful across the curriculum;
  • respect for living things and the non-living environment;
  • an awareness of environmental and global issues;
  • an understanding of their bodies to make healthy life choices;