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At Willingdon Primary we use the Kent Scheme to plan our science curriculum. The curriculum is carefully organised to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum statements as well as having progression in scientific skills (Working Scientifically), knowledge and vocabulary.


Statement of Intent

Imagine- We use the awe and wonder of exploration to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about our world and the role that science plays within it. Be Kind and Respectful- We learn, understand and explain how science can and should be used for the benefit of all humankind, regardless of race, gender, ability and economy. Challenge Myself- We develop perseverance and a willingness to learn more about a variety of scientific concepts. This will include providing extra challenges independently.

Be Responsible- We understand and acknowledge that learning is our responsibility. We take ownership of it and strive to ensure we develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through biology, chemistry and physics. Be Reflective- Through science, we are encouraged to reflect on current scientific practice and learn from mistakes- creating a growth-mindset. Take Care- We learn to become independent learners, who conduct scientific experiments safely, confidently and purposefully.




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