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At the end of their Learning Journey the children have a ‘Fabulous Finish’, which is the opportunity to share their learning, knowledge and skills from that term.

Curriculum Overview

Willingdon’s Creative Curriculum

At Willingdon Primary School we review of our curriculum every July, evaluating ‘what went well’ and ‘what could we do better’.

Since September 2018 we have adopted a creative approach whereby teachers work with the National Curriculum 2014 to design inspiring and imaginative Learning Journeys based on the children’s interests, their own experiences and expertise. Learning Journeys are purposeful and joined up, relevant links are made between core and foundation subjects. To engage the children in each learning journey there is a ‘hook’ known as a Stunning Start, which introduces an element of awe and wonder and natural curiosity about what they are about to learn. Total immersion into their journey of discovery follows with the children gaining knowledge and improving skills year on year.

“Creativity is a balance between freedom, authority skill and speculation. It can be taught but you have to loosen up the system to let it happen. You can’t have creative learning without creative teaching” Anon

Long Term Plans

Our Learning Journey Topics and further details of the subject areas covered in each year are on this page.  Please click on the links below for each year group. 

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