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Grammar & Vocabulary


Please download the useful 'English Appendix 2: Vocabulary Grammar & Punctuation' guide and the English 'Glossary', for full information on the techniques, phrases and terminology the children are learning.


Children, from an early age, are encouraged to write legibly and shown where they might begin to join letters. Correct letter formation, size, orientation and spacing comes first and with increasing fluency and legibility comes joining and developing children’s individual scripts. Where necessary, we use Nelson handwriting materials.

Nelson Handwriting

Exeter University and the Centre for Research in Writing.

This was THE ONLY area of English that was noted in the last Ofsted that needed improving (to make it outstanding) and we are already making great headway. We are in the privileged position of having established links with, and working alongside, academics from Exeter University in developing our grammar teaching and learning, being forerunners in the County developing grammar teaching which is deeply rooted in the reading and writing process, rather than being detached from it. Research has shown how contextualising grammar teaching, within the writing process particularly, deepens children’s grammar knowledge and skills. We are lucky to have undergone training by Exeter University and are currently part of a pilot study further examining contextualised grammar teaching.

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