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Phonics and Reading


Whole Class Reading

Our mission:

Our mission is for children to become fluent and keen readers who understand what they are reading and can articulate this understanding to others. We are also keen to develop their knowledge of our unique literary heritage and the classics of English literature and for them to understand the power, which is at their fingertips, if they develop good reading habits.

We Love Reading: Children in our school have a passion for reading which we have facilitated through providing new, relevant, age appropriate and rich texts which are in every class library. These class libraries are well organised, up-to-date and welcoming for the children. Children read daily, are read to daily and talk about their reading daily. This is at the core of everything we do. Teachers provide rich texts to inspire children and use these to develop children’s decoding and understanding, often using whole-class activities, using a shared text, to develop reading skills. We are also in the process of re-developing our new community school library which will allow us to take our reading provision to the next level, providing a dedicated, well resourced area for reading pastimes for everyone in our school community. 

Reading for Pleasure

Whole School Reading

Supporting your child to read

Statement of Intent

current yr 6Yr6 + EYFS2 3-3-17
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Secret Reader:

We encourage children to read at all times in the day and in every part of the school. One way we do this is through our unique ‘Secret Reader’ initiative whereby children ‘caught’ secretly reading, at any-time and in any place, are entered into a draw where there is an opportunity to win a £5 book voucher. The secret reader draw takes place in assemblies and is eagerly anticipated by all the children.

Share a Book

Other than the first and last Friday of each term, we host our very successful ‘Share a Book’ sessions when we welcome parents, grandparents, carers and other family members into school to read with their children. Children can also choose to read with siblings and others. This has proven to be a very popular initiative which promotes reading for pleasure and welcomes the community into school for a big read.


Suggested Reading Lists

We have compiled a list of suggested rich fiction texts for each year group. Please download the appropriate year group for your child below and enjoy!

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