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Maths Passport


We are delighted to announce that Willingdon Primary School is launching the ‘Maths Passport’, a strategy for improving children’s mental maths skills.


Maths Passports were developed by Ray Maher, an independent maths consultant. Teachers from across the school have had the opportunity to work with Ray Maher and we plan to send the rest of our teaching staff as soon as possible.  Ray is a national and international advocate for successful mathematics teaching, who believes in teaching children key skills: skills for real life, such as children knowing their ‘times tables’ off by heart and having an efficient method for the four number operations.


Every child across the school has been given a math’s passport from Reception to Year 6. Each passport contains three to six targets. Each target is based on key mathematical concepts which are essential for everyday success in maths and correspond to the National Curriculum. 


There are twenty Maths Passports altogether. The Passports begin in the British Isles, and then travel around the world and then go into space! To help your child on their journey we have placed the full set of Passports here for you to download.

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