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Feedback from our Parents and Carers

At Willingdon Primary we welcome regular feedback and comments from our parents and carers. There are many opportunities to do this and one is via a feedback form that is sent out with every child's annual report during the summer term. 

Below is a small selection from the comments we have been delighted to receive.

Year 6 Parents/Carers.....

“My son has enjoyed this year and gained confidence in his own abilities. He has enjoyed helping his Foundation buddy, regularly sharing things he has done at home. He has been more settled with the transition to secondary school with and we would like to thank all the staff for their help and support over his time at Willingdon Primary.”

“We would love to thank Mr Henderson for all of his hard work and communication with us over the year. He is an asset to the school and the children he teaches. Thank you!”

“My son has become more independent this year by walking to school and is looking forward to Year 7. Thank you to Mr Tabone for supporting his learning. He really enjoyed working with his buddy in Foundation Stage.”

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EYFS Parent/Carers......

“We were delighted to recieve our daughter's report last week. She has had a wonderful start to her primary experience thanks to the wonderful teaching from the Early Years team.”

“Thank you so much for such a positive report. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at school. This is because of all the support, kindness and positivity the staff in reception have shown him. He could not have had a better year!”

“I am so proud my daughters achievements this year. A wonderful first report!”

“A massive thank you to Mrs Mole, the reception team and the dinner ladies for helping my son to settle in.”

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Year 1.......

“What a fantastic report of our daughter's Year 1. Super proud of all her achievements and a huge thank you to all teaching staff that have been involved this year - Superstars!”

“I am pleased with the range of activities offered in the curriculum as I know my son enjoys the more practical and creative elements..”

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Year 4.........

“I’m very pleased with the progress my son has made this year – with particular thanks to Miss Stonham who has supported him every step of the way and helped him achieve so much.”

“My son loves learning and this is made easier thanks largely to the environment created in the school by all the teachers.”

Year 2.......

“My son has thoroughly enjoyed year 2 and has thrived so well with the wonderful care, teaching and encouragement Miss Noormohammed has given him”

“My daughter’s growth in confidence and in her abilities is undoubtedly down to Miss Ellen, she has had a wonderful year in her class.”

“Thank you all so much for your ongoing support with my son’s learning!”

“Miss Ellen has worked wonders with my daughter and really understood her as an individual.”

Year 5.......

“We are pleased with the good progress our daughter has made this year.”

“A lovely report, thanks to all her teachers and support staff, helping my daughter achieve her goals with a growth mindset and gain confidence in her abilities, we are very proud of her.”

Year 3.......

“It is very clear that Miss Browning not only knows my daughters ability across the range of subjects, but also has taken the time to get to know her as an individual.”

“Thank you to all the staff at Willingdon for their support for our son. But of course, our transition has been made so smooth and successful due to the amazing HSF team. The continuous hard work of Mrs Miller-Cook and the absolutely fantastic Mrs Mewett!!!”

“A huge thank you to Mrs Pomeroy who is the most amazing teacher I have ever met. You have encouraged my daughter so much this year and I have watched her develop in her reading and writing and it is all thanks to Mrs Pomeroy!”

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